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Older Teen/Adult Volunteer Training

Receive technology training at discounted prices
while volunteering to make a difference
in the community!

Engage Thru Tech is excited to announce a new program in which participants can expand their technology skills and make a difference in the lives of others! Volunteers age 15 and up can choose to learn animation, coding, and/or green screen and special effects video production, at greatly reduced rates! They then practice their skills by helping at our workshops and classes (a minimum of 15 volunteer hour commitment), to further advance their learning! Additional training is also available for those interested in helping out in the meaningful and rewarding field of special populations education!

Although the original training session has passed, we can arrange for a custom training session upon request. Click on the Questions button to make a request or ask further questions through our Contact Form.

Live Online Training Workshops
(Others upon request)
Older Teen/Adult Training
 Click here to download a flyer for this event!
  • Training September 10 AND 24, 2022
  • Choose to specialize in the following areas:
    • Animation​
    • Coding and Game Development
    • Green Screen and Special Effects Videos
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