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Here are testimonials from past participants!
Inclusive Technology will move forward with the same passion and quality programming as its predecessor, Engage Thru Tech!

(Engage Thru Tech) you're amazing as always! Thank you for bringing something to our girls that I probably wouldn't be able to give them. Just the opportunity to use all your amazing technology and your willingness to teach the kids is always appreciated!
Girl Scout Troop Leader 

I wanted ... to say how much it means for (our daughter) !

She loved the camp and all that she learned to do. She was very happy and proud and showed off the certificates to my mom in India via video call (she wanted to do that). She mentioned she misses the camp many times this week... We feel like you guys are making a big change for good in her. She’s less anxious and looks forward to Saturday and Sunday for the classes. 

Parent of a Participant with Special Needs
Working with the program, I learned how to use new technology. With my new skill I was able to give a voice to people in my community and make a positive impact.
Girl Scout Participant

I wanted to just share that I shared T's video with her teacher she made with you this summer as they are working on fictional narratives and this video has really helped her realize that she can do this! Just had to share as it was powerful as now that she is in 3rd grade .. so this was empowering to remind her of  :)

Parent of a Participant in a Rural Community
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