Custom Event Options for Cadettes

Engage Thru Tech offers workshops for Girl Scouts to complete journeys and earn badges.
We will work with troop leaders to create the best workshop to achieve your troop goals. If your troop has multiple age levels, no problem. We can create workshops that combine age levels.
Listed here are workshop descriptions. Click the Workshop Information Form button to provide your troop details (number of girls, location, etc.). We will contact you to schedule your workshop.
Do you have one or two girls or a small troop that need a workshop? Go to our Open Workshops page to join in on already scheduled options.


NEW Multi-Media Journeys: “Think Like a Programmer”

Learn basic coding to make an educational video game that shares your passions!  Take action by sharing your game with family and friends the final hour of the workshop, and earn your Think Like a Programmer Journey! This beginner coding workshop requires no prior experience or expertise!

Multi-Media Journeys: “MEdia”

Explore media as it relates to stereotypes, advertisements, and the internet using character editing software and other computer activities. Cultivate media issues most important to you. Use our green screen, cameras, and computers to develop, film, and produce a media re-make or public service announcement, complete with video/sound effects! Help “change the world” by sharing your video masterpiece!

Multi-Media Journeys: “aMaze”

Explore “the twists and turns of getting along” in a 3-D animated educational game that you develop! Animate avatars discussing real-life teenage issues as they make choices that lead them down various paths! Have fun while discovering how to develop leadership in real-life relationship issues. Invite family, friends, or another troop to the final hour of your workshop, (no cost to them) as you “take action…” teaching them about relationships, as they play the game YOU developed!

Multi-Media Badges: “Screenwriter/Digital Movie Maker”

All the resources of Engage Thru Tech’s video production repertoire (including  green screen, 3-D animation with speech simulation AND a motion capture suit "like the pros" use) are at your disposal as you write a screenplay, film and produce your own video! Bend your imagination! Pick the way you want to tell YOUR story… a chance to “change the world” through the power of visual arts! Have a blast while earning your “Screenwriter” and “Digital Movie Maker” badges.

Summit Award Option

Register for all three Cadette journeys in one year to earn your summit award, and receive a 10% discount on each event!



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