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Financial Assistance Information

Most of Engage Thru Tech's workshops count as a GSWW event for those who qualify for financial assistance.
Below is a summary of steps to take when applying
for financial assistance:

  • Make sure to apply by the financial assistance deadline, which is usually three weeks prior to the event. 

  • As you may be aware, the fiscal year for GSWW starts over on October 1st of each year.  For Engage Thru Tech events in October, the financial assistance department will allow you to apply for it by September 30th, even if the event occurs early in October. 

  • GSWW will want to see the event for which you are requesting assistance, to appear on the GSWW event calendar.  For most of the Engage Thru Tech workshops, this is not an issue. Contact us if you have any questions or feedback on this.

  • FYI, for those interested, the Summit Award Series counts as only one event for GSWW financial assistance!  If you think you might want this option, be sure to mention it when you contact us.

  • GSWW will need you to submit an invoice for the workshop at the time that you turn in your financial assistance event request. To request Engage Thru Tech to send you an invoice for this purpose, submit the form below.

  • Engage Thru Tech is not responsible for financial assistance approvals or denials.  <Click here> to see the complete GSWW financial assistance policy.

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