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What is the teaching philosophy for your classes?

At Engage Thru Tech, we are all about "developing heroes, and growing technical skills". We believe that successful youth are ones who not only have the tech-savvy skills to interact with the modern world, but the social IQ to make a positive contribution to society. We do this by engaging their imaginations, through fun "learning by doing" activities that motivate them to explore their interests, collaborate with their fellow participants, and then take a leadership role either their own project, or sometimes even in their community or beyond. What starts out for them as, perhaps, starring as a "hero" in their own, say, green screen video, has the potential of developing social skills that enable them to be a "hero" in their own lives and beyond.

What is the teaching style?

At Engage Thru Tech, we utilize a variety of teaching styles (such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic), to engage every student where they are at. We seek to elevate the strengths of each student, and help them to become the kind of leader that they want to be.

Can you briefly describe one of your classes and what a typical schedule for the day includes?

All workshops and classes begin with exploration. For camps or video classes, this involves creating a character the child wants to portray in their video. For a Girl Scout workshop, scouts will play a series of games, and/or activities on the computer that take a fun look at the topic related to their “journey” or badge. From there, the participants move into collaborating on the project they are creating, which involves an opportunity for everyone to have a leadership role (depending upon the nature of the event).

What kind of skills should my kids expect to learn and practice?

In addition to the "social IQ" skills mentioned above, participants will learn a variety of technical skills. These can include non-linear video editing, photo editing and manipulation, scriptwriting sofware, basic animation and computer coding, or a combination of these (depending upon the class or camp).

I notice you offer classes tied to Girl Scout Journeys. What is your connection to Girl Scouts?

Ruth Bacha, the president of Engage Thru Tech, was a Girl Scout troop leader for over 15 years. Over that course of time, she implemented many "badge workshops." When Girl Scouts shifted its emphasis to journeys, Ruth sought to utilize the same process of hands-on, fun activities, in order to engage the scouts in the process of growth called upon by the journey curricula as well.

Who are your instructors and what is the typical workshop student to teacher ratio?

In addition to adult leadership, we utilize several youth and college-age students. All instructors have received instruction in youth leadership, and are experienced at interacting with students from a variety of backgrounds. Depending upon the program, our student to teacher ratio is usually between 1:4 and 1:6.

What is the difference between "joining a class" and "creating a custom event"?

Every one of our Girl Scout workshops involves an event to which we bring all the necessary equipment and staff to implement the program to a location that meets the needs of the participants. Because of this, we require certain minimum registration numbers. For those who meet our minimums, we will create a custom event for them at the location of their choice (which they secure), at a time that fits their schedule. For those smaller troops or individuals (who don’t meet our minimums) desiring to participate in a workshop, we offer the option for them to create an “open to all” event.  Someone from that region schedules a venue at a time that is convenient to them, and then we open it up to other scouts from the area to join. That option would be the “joining a class” option.

What are your minimum registrations for a custom workshop?

Minimums for single programs in greater Seattle area are 10, and outside Seattle are 12. Minimums for multiple-program levels in greater Seattle are 12 and outside Seattle are 14. Maximum is 18-30 girls, depending upon the program. Troops are responsible for supplying meeting location, safety-wise adult ratios, permission slips, tables/chairs and food for participants (if applicable).

Do kids need to bring anything with them for the class?

Camps frequently require the participants to bring a sack lunch. Food logistics for Girl Scout workshops vary by event.  If the participants are creating a video at their event, it is recommended (but not required) that they bring a flash drive with at least 1 GB of free space on it, to take their video home on. If they don’t bring a flash drive, there is always another means by which they receive their video (depending upon the program). Also, depending upon the program, participants are given the option of bringing any specialty costumes or props that they wish to use in their video… otherwise, we have plenty of options for them to choose from as well.

What ages are your classes suitable for?

Summer camps typically are for youth ages 7 to 10, or 9 to 13. For the Girl Scout workshops, we have various programs suitable for Daisies through Ambassadors (Kindergarten through 12th grade).

Can you accommodate kids with special needs?

Absolutely! All of the adult facilitators have special training and years of experience working with those with special needs, and many of the youth facilitators do as well. If your child has special needs, we look forward to collaborating with you to implement whatever accommodations are needed to be in place to facilitate your child's success.

What cities do you serve and where are the typical locations you offer classes?

For our Girl Scout workshops and green screen parties, we will travel anywhere within Western Washington. For our camps, we are currently partnering with the Bellevue and the Redmond and the Maple Valley Parks Departments to offer day camps at their facilities. We also run programs during 1-2 sessions of "Pixel Pixies" and "Avatar Adventures" resident camp with Girl Scouts of Western Washington (at River Ranch camp, and sometimes Camp St. Albans).

How do we register and what forms of payment do you accept?

For camps and classes, registration occurs through our partner that is hosting the program. See the Current Camps page and click on the link to be directed to their registration pages.

Girls can participate in Girl Scout Workshops in two ways. If you have a small troop or a couple girls, you can join in on one of our already scheduled workshops. go to our Open Workshops page to see what is available and be directed to our Registration page. If you entire troop has a journey to complete or badge to earn, go to our Custom Workshops Info Form, enter your details and we will contact you with your best options.

Engage Thru Tech is a great addition to your next party or event too. Go to our Party Request Form, enter your details and we will contact you to book your date. Once the date is confirmed you will be directed to our Party Registration form for payment.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we welcome referrals! Many of our participants are those who have heard about us from other "happy campers" (or Girl Scouts). Within the Girl Scouts, we also offer a Facebook special. If a service unit (or other Girl Scout volunteer group) "likes" our Facebook page on their facebook page, then the troops of that service unit will receive a discount such that their twelfth girl registration is free for their troop's event.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for payment in full at least two weeks prior to the event, and if you need to cancel that reservation greater than two weeks prior to the event, we will fully refund your payment. For cancellations within two weeks of the event, we will issue a credit on a subsequent workshop that we are offering (either an "open to all" event of your choice, or applied towards a custom workshop - for those meeting our minimums).

I hear you're hiring?

Yes we are!  Click here for the job description

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