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Adult Helper Discount Request Form

For workshops with adequate girl attendance, Engage Thru Tech offers girl registration discounts when adults stay to help.
Please note the following policies regarding this:

  • Completing this form does not guarantee that the girl will receive a discount. Engage Thru Tech will determine the number of discounts (if any) that are offered for each workshop once registration numbers are finalized.

  • Keep in mind that we often run several workshops concurrently at any given time. When helping on the day of the workshop, you may or may not be helping with your own girl's workshop. We will assign you to help where the need is greatest. We will not ask you to do anything "too technical."

  • Discounts are offered on a first come, first served basis, so please make your request using this form (below) as soon as you are able.

  • For workshops significantly below our minimums, Engage Thru Tech reserves the right to request for adult help without compensation in order to prevent us from having to cancel the workshop.

  • The adult helper discount works as follows: For every adult who stays and helps, we will discount by 50% one girl registration at the event (one discount per adult helper). 

  • To hold the girl's slot at the workshop, please register the girl using the regular method on our website. The discount
    (if applicable) will be given in the form of a "partial rebate" in the form of a check written to the adult (or troop as desired) at the workshop itself.

  • We will notify you at or around the registration deadline time frame as to whether we will be able to accommodate your adult helper request.

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